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In a successful ownership culture, every employee had to take the fate of the company as personally as an individual owner would. Achieving that level of commitment was extraordinarily difficult, but Stack realized that the payoff would be enormous: a company that was consistently able to outperform the market. It shows managers and executives of companies both large and small how to build a ferociously motivated workforce that is energized and committed to meeting and overcoming the most daunting challenges a company can face.

From the Hardcover edition. For instance, modern talent management technology can help you do everything from onboarding new starters, to keeping track of their ongoing development activities and professional goals. It can free you up to spend more time engaging them in new opportunities and recommending the tools and learning they need to perform in their role.

That might be a challenge given the structure of your company. However, one thing that can be done is to sit down with each employee and truly learn how they like to be communicated with, then do it. Adapt your style to their desired way of communication. This will be more effective than making them change their way. If you truly want to customize their experience, you have to work at it. Find out how they like to learn and then structure their opportunities to learn around that style. Seeing you adapt to their ways should increase their engagement because you have shown that you listened to what they said.

As the arbiters of change, leaders play a crucial role in creating meaning for your people. Conduct a degree feedback process to get a sounding board for the pain points in your organisation, then develop a plan to action these changes. Employees will be judging their supervisors on what they do, not what they say, in response to their feedback. Your existing workforce tells an important story about how effective your current talent management approaches are. Take a hard look at your employee turnover figures: retention is a litmus test for whether your employees feel engaged in their work.

It may seem simple, but acknowledging and treating each employee with respect is one of the most meaningful things leaders can do to boost engagement. Engaging employees is as much about giving them meaningful work as it is about creating an environment where they experience engagement on a daily basis. Higher-ups should lead by example and bring the same passion and energy to their roles as they expect from their employees.

Employees need to constantly be challenged and upskilled in the workplace to keep them engaged. Embrace a holistic approach to professional development — from attending conferences to meetups and hackathons, let employees hone their skills in the way they learn best. Instead of offering rigid learning opportunities, the key is to provide employees with the tools and opportunities for self-directed development. Succession plans make employees feel like they are headed somewhere, which is crucial to keeping them engaged in their role.

Addressing these leadership roadblocks has been proven by industry-leading organisations to dramatically increase employee engagement. Starting off on the right foot has a huge role to play in whether an employee feels engaged in their role. Onboarding and training is when employees learn how to properly do their job, and provides an important chance for them to engage with you, ask questions and clarify concerns.

One SHRM survey reports that one-third of new hires leave their jobs after six months, which highlights the need for meaningful, engaging onboarding processes in organisations of all sizes. Properly training new hires is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure employees are engaged at work.

Consider implementing learning modules into your onboarding experience that walk new hires through everything needed to upskill in their role, through to important but dry compliance processes like Health and Safety training. You can use off-the-shelf learning courses for this, or create your own learning modules uniquely tailored to your organisation. This will not only help new starters assimilate into your company culture faster, but it will also help foster employer brand allegiance from the beginning. Technology is one of the most powerful tools an organisation can leverage to develop employees and keep them engaged.

Investing in developing your talent can make employees feel far more valued in your organisation than a bonus would. In a recent survey that looked to identify the drivers of employee engagement, close to half the respondents said they found meaning in their sense of personal achievement and thrived on personal challenge.

Identify your high-performing employees and set them weekly, monthly or yearly challenges. Gaining buy-in from employees can be the difference between a collaborative, agile business and an organisation stagnating in its old ways. The employees were energized, including some benefits:. Employees are being recognized without any Starbucks gift cards needed. Providing networking opportunities can encourage your employees to bring fresh ideas and best practice knowledge into the workplace.

Introduce your employees through formal and informal networks both within and outside the organisation. Ideas include bringing together teams from different departments for a workplace lunch, organising internal hackathons or sending chosen employees to industry conferences or expos. Through access to social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack or Yammer, people can support each other in knowledge sharing and problem solving at the click of a button. This increases overall job satisfaction and the ability to cultivate strong professional relationships.

Recruitment coach Ross Clennett identifies a trifecta of factors that lead to employee engagement:. Then look at ways in which you can increase autonomy, ensure everyone is competent and show them the bigger picture. This requires a culture change across leaders at all levels but is hugely worth the effort in increased loyalty and efficiency. These days, companies are a diverse blend of full time, part time, contingent, contract and flexible employees.

What motivates a freelancer will be vastly different to what motivates a full-time staff member. A proactive leader might think about it in terms of the virtual talent warehouse , rather than a permanent workforce. With the new capabilities that AI, cognitive computing and robotics will unleash, a new suite of solutions presents itself when it comes to bridging skills gaps. A work relationship is like any relationship.

A bit of give, a bit of take. Ensure you have the tools in place that make learning fun and easy to access. Creating comprehensive training programs is not just crucial for keeping employees engaged and invested in their role: it also pays off. Almost no one washes their rent-a-car before returning it, but we do fill it up with gas. Likewise, leaders need to avoid the short-term temptation to take away employee accountability for their meaning. Employees should feel like they have the agency to make choices that help them reach their desired outcomes.

Did I do my best to build a relationship with my boss? To create a positive work environment? To earn my pay? To get along with my peers? Sometimes, all it takes is to find a role for this team member that makes better use of their talents. Cultivating an environment that promotes deeper employee engagement takes commitment, hard work and courage, but the benefits will deliver the most outstanding results for your people and your business.

Organisations can consider implementing the following initiative:. Healthy minds lead to healthy business performance and productivity. The Australian Government is encouraging employers to invest in employee health and wellbeing. Their belief is that workplaces which adopt health and wellbeing programs often attract and retain employees and are able to drive better business performance.

Supporting health and wellbeing at work could range from offering staff discounted gym memberships to hosting lunchtime yoga classes in the office. It could be as simple as replacing the biscuit tin in the team room with fresh fruit options. Collaboration is important for employees to feel included and engaged. Studies show teams that share leadership responsibilities, interpersonal interactions and a cross-functional mentality have lower levels of conflict and stress, and higher levels of overall satisfaction.

Encouraging cross-functional collaboration means breaking down internal silos and stepping out of traditional hierarchical team structures. Intrinsic in cross-functionality is the idea that anyone in the organisation can contribute their skills to a problem — regardless of their seniority or tenure. All employees in an organisation play a critical role in ensuring everyone is an engaged and contributing member of the team.

Fostering a culture of teamwork and problem solving encourages employees to think outside the box and solve problems within their teams, rather than relying on guidance from management. Developing good relationships with coworkers is crucial to cultivating a sense of engagement in the workplace. Research shows us that the relationships an employee cultivates with their co-workers and supervisors has a direct influencer on their psychological sense of meaningfulness at work.

This sense of personal meaningfulness and contributing to a team is crucial to foster employee engagement and motivation in the workplace. Two out of five employees feel that relationships with their co-workers are very important to their satisfactions, studies have shown. Encourage company practices that see workers regularly interacting and working with each other: this creates a sense of community and shared purpose.

As a go-to source for expertise in internet marketing, we like to turn confusion into understanding and complexity into a clear direction. Our people have ambition for shared success. Everyone contributes and everyone is valued. Winning together transcends all aspects of WordStream. Focus on impact 2. Move fast 3. Be bold 4. Be open 5. Build social value. Focus on the user and all else will follow. Fast is better than slow. Democracy on the web works. You can make money without doing evil.

The need for information crosses all borders. You can be serious without a suit. Grow our business in a way that makes us proud. Recognize that passion and personality matter. Communicate fearlessly to build trust. Reach every person on the planet. Innovate through experimentation.

Seek diverse perspectives. Be rigorous. Get it right. Ship it. Excellence 2. Innovation 3. Customer Fixation 4. Teamwork 5. Community 6. Embrace and Drive Change 3. Create Fun and A Little Weirdness 4. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded 5. Pursue Growth and Learning 6.

Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit 8. Do More With Less 9. Be Passionate and Determined Be Humble. Open company, no bullshit 2. Build with heart and balance 3. Play, as a team 5. Be the change you seek.

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Customer Obsession 2. Ownership 3.

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Invent and Simplify 4. Are Right, A Lot 5. Learn and Be Curious 6. Hire and Develop The Best 7. Insist on the Highest Standards 8. Think Big 9. Bias for Action Frugality Earn Trust Dive Deep Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit Deliver Results. Our Members Come First 2. Relationships Matter 3. Be Open, Honest and Constructive 4. Demand Excellence 5.

Take Intelligent Risks 6. Act Like an Owner. We empower entrepreneurs. We listen, we care, we serve. We practice open, real communication. We face challenges with optimism. We check our egos at the door. We innovate and constantly improve. We do the right thing. We believe in people and their dreams. Deliver great customer service 2. Embrace and drive change 3. Create fun, be different 4. Be adventurous, open-minded, creative 5. Pursue growth and learning 6. Build open and honest relationships 7.

Positive team 9. Family spirit Do more stress less Passion and determination Be humble Be respectful and grateful. Passion means we use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others. Courage means we are entrepreneurial and thus take risks, reach beyond boundaries and experiment.

Integrity means we are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine. Fanatical Support in all we do. Results first, substance over flash. Committed to Greatness. Full Disclosure and Transparency. Passion for our Work. Treat fellow Rackers like Friends and Family. Employees 2. Customer Service 3. Innovation 4. Integrity 5. Fun 6. Innovation 2. Diversity and inclusion 3. Corporate social responsibility 4. Philanthropies 5. Environment 6. Trustworthy Computing. Respect for the Individual 2.

Service to the Customer 3. Excellence Must Be a Way of Life 4. Managers Must Lead Effectively 5. Obligations to Stockholders 6. Fair Deal for the Supplier. Continuous Improvement 2. Integrity 4. Communication 5. Job Satisfaction. Fairness and generosity 2.

Ethics and corporate citizenship 3. Communication 4. Collaboration 5. Respect, integrity and honesty 6. Ownership 2. Simplicity 3. Courage 4. Selectivity 5. We provide a flexible and practical approach to customer requirements. We actively communicate to achieve the best results. We believe that meaningful and productive deviations are the result of observing challenges and opportunities from new angles and exercising our curiosity. We treat our team members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognising the importance of diversity.

We respect all individuals and cultures and value their contributions in all aspects of the business. We accept responsibility for our actions and deliver on our promises.

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We make and support business decisions through vast experiences, good judgement, and ownership of outcomes. Our commitment to our customers is at the heart of everything we do. We must be profitable to provide the employment and development opportunities we all want. To be a successful company, we recognise that leadership is a collective responsibility, not just the job of a few individuals. We recognise that the integrity of our personal and business interactions affects our staff, customers, partners, shareholders and the community.

It also defines how we think about ourselves, and ultimately how others see us. Teamwork, respect, and open, honest communications define the way we work with our colleagues, customers and partners. NEC is built on a foundation of innovation. It is at the heart of who we are and what we do. We facilitate collaboration that maximizes synergy. We understand the needs of our stakeholders and are proactive in orchestrating partnerships that drive growths.

We embrace an enterprising spirit. We think big and are bold in driving towards new horizons. We are innovative in fostering entrepreneurs to develop products and services that will benefit our society. We drive for excellence in our operation. We execute with focus and agility to drive for sustainable growth and development; and we put safety and quality as our highest priorities. We run our operation with integrity.

Top 60 Employee Engagement Ideas from the Experts

We always act ethically, treating everyone with honesty and respect, and we follow through on commitments we make. We are proactive in engaging our stakeholders. We understand their needs and will take the initiative to better serve them to create a brighter future for all. Customer focused Deliver on commitments Passion for excellence Winning together. All employees are encouraged to demonstrate the Elbit Systems values in all they do and receive training and support to ensure complete understanding and alignment. Excellent people are the key to achieving our vision.

We employ a world-class, motivated, team-spirited workforce, and create a dynamic atmosphere in which employees may flourish and reach their highest potential. We foster an environment that nurtures innovation, creativity and technological leadership. Personal interaction and mutual trust form the basis for achieving our goals. In our complex world, cooperation and teamwork lead to synergy. We are committed to the success of our company through personal responsibility and leadership. We contribute to the enhancement of quality of life and the environment of the communities in which we live and work through a variety of educational, social welfare and green activities.

Boundarylessness: We embrace the global nature of our business and encourage people to work collaboratively across business units, hierarchy and functions. Passion for winning: We are a high-energy, fast-moving, decisive organization, determined to outperform the competition.

Valuing our people: We put the highest priority on recruiting, developing and retaining outstanding people. Integrity: We mean what we say, we respect others and we do business the right way. Collaboration: With each other, our customers and our suppliers, we put our heads together to get the job done. Objectivity: We work with open minds and no bias — other than making our customers successful. Our values help to ensure a consistent set of standards and behaviours throughout the Group. Achievement Innovation Empowerment Customer Satisfaction.

These are cornerstones to our corporate culture, and because they are independent of scale, they have served us well from our early days as a startup through today as a fast-growing global company. Our products and services deliver unique, compelling value to our customers and partners. In fact, we expect to have a significant, positive impact on the bottom line.

We passionately strive to help our customers run their companies better and faster. Their success breeds our success. We understand what is expected of us and ensure that we have the resources to meet or beat that expectation. We believe effort should not be confused with progress. We ensure that every person in our company understands what success looks like and how to get there. People succeed here based on the delivery of measurable results. And we expect people on our team to deliver those great results with a great attitude. We believe that the single greatest asset of a software company is people.

By treating everyone in our company as a person, not a number, we create a work environment that is responsive to needs both on and off the job. We take our business very seriously, but maintain a healthy sense of balance in our lives. We never compromise our values in pursuit of business performance and success.

We work relentlessly to obtain the highest quality results through continuous improvement and flawless execution. Results — Focused on driving business growth and shareholder returns and rewarding performance. We succeed as individuals and as a company when we grow our businesses and create shareholder value. We challenge the status quo, embrace change and solve problems through innovation, agility and creative thinking.

We realize that success comes from diverse ideas and talent working together to achieve our goals. Our core values unite us. They make us unique and set us apart from our competitors. Our core values are what bind us together as one JDA. They are what we wake up in the morning believing in, and what carry us through our days. They are what drive our success — and the success of our customers. We enhance the reputation of our customers and the reliability of social infrastructure. They reflect our common aspiration to foster a performance-based culture that is open and innovative, and that promotes mutual trust and engagement.

Our success is based upon our customer focus. We listen to, and connect with, customers and treat them with dignity and respect. By understanding and anticipating their needs, we make it easy for our customers to do business with us. We aim to offer them value and quality services to enrich lives and enhance business success. The creativity and innovation of our people set us apart. We look for better ways of doing business and share a passion for making a difference. We are tenacious and we compete fairly. By working as one team with shared goals, we believe we can achieve great things.

We value ideas and contributions from everyone. We recognise, respect and value diversity in the team. We develop strong bonds by communicating and sharing knowledge. We encourage open discussion and commit to an agreed position. All of us have a part to play. Our reputation is based upon our ability to fulfill promises to shareholders, customers and employees.

We do so by being honest in our dealings, taking responsibility and being accountable for our actions. We treat everyone the way we would like to be treated. We are proactive in identifying issues and coming up with solutions. We ensure that the highest ethical standards guide us in making decisions. Leadership and superior performance are achieved through the pursuit of personal excellence. We are committed to doing and being the best. We seek continuous improvement and take pride in what we do. We do things to the highest possible standards.

We acknowledge the potential of the individual and create opportunities for all to grow and excel. Together, we celebrate our success and achievements. Passion, innovation, integrity, accountability and an unflagging commitment to excellence are the core values that we carry into our work with our clients and reflect in our interactions, our brand and our leadership. They serve as the roadmap for our accomplishments and the benchmark by which we measure our performance each year.

DataCore Software is dedicated to creativity and innovation. We strongly believe in the concepts of Teamwork, Innovation, Fun, and Profit. I uphold the highest standards of work ethic, honesty and morality; I strive to conduct business with transparency and without thought of personal gain. I stand by what is right and fair at all times. I am responsible for my actions and all its outcomes. I hold myself answerable to my superiors, as well as to my subordinates. I take care of all that has been entrusted me, be it resources, talent or finances.

I care for the business and contribute to its success. I genuinely empathize and care for the predicament, feelings, and motives of others. I always make sure that I see the view from the other side of the fence. I acknowledge that every individual, including myself, deserves to be treated based on competency and ability. I celebrate successes and objectively recognize those that contribute to them. I believe in equal opportunity and equitable recognition.

I recognize and celebrate diversity, similarities, differences in the organization I accept that people have beliefs, rights, convictions, worth, contribution, and significance I accept the opinion of others while working at a shared goal. Health and safety is our priority Integrity Ability and innovation Recognition and development Freedom to act The best of big and small. Enterprises built to endure stand on a foundation of core values. Our values are part of our DNA. They guide the way we work with our business partners, within our communities and with each other. At Deltapath, we follow a set of core values to guide our actions toward one another and our stakeholders, and to serve as a guidepost in our ongoing quest for market position, growth, and profitability.

We embrace these values as we strive to challenge the status quo and build the data centers of the future. Performance-driven : Relentless pursuit to win in the marketplace. Collaboration : We value the contributions and development of our colleagues and customers.

Integrity : We lead from a position of trust, openness, and transparency. Our values are integral to everything we do. As a Moravia employee, you are:. You treat your colleagues, partners and customers with respect, regardless of hierarchy or difference in opinion. You are practical in your decision-making and engage in problem-solving. You learn fast and eagerly. You have an open mind for improvements and generate ideas that can benefit our service delivery.

You gain and share knowledge and information openly and proactively. You deliver what you promise so your colleagues and customers can rely on you. You inspire others with your drive and focus on excellence in delivery. You never give up. The right combination of elements produces something powerful. Take what happens when talented people link together: individual minds react with each other and create knowledge, insight, expertise. The bonds are stable, the results predictable and reliable. Leadership — We guide our clients and colleagues to reach their fullest potential. Accountability — We own our commitments and exceed expectations.

Passion — We accomplish extraordinary results through determination. Integrity — We hold ourselves to the highest standards and keep our promises. Service — We support our community to leave a lasting legacy. Achievement Honesty and integrity Innovation and continuous improvement Mutual trust and respect Open communication Ownership and accountability Teamwork Think: customer, company, individual.

We succeed through satisfied customers. We deliver quality and excellence in all we do. We require premium return on assets. We use technology to develop market leadership. We value and empower employees. We behave responsibly as a corporate citizen. Customer Focused : We exceed expectations through great discipline and ensure a world class customer experience.

Employee Satisfaction : Our greatest asset. We love and support our colleagues and operate without hierarchy. Speed : Fast is better than slow but we will not compromise on quality. Passionate : We strive for excellence, go the extra mile and have fun in what we do. Humble : We constantly look to improve and never forget the importance of our customers and colleagues. Integrity : We are consistent, honest and fair and always do what is right. Discipline : In everything we do. We accept responsibility and deliver on all of our commitments.

Since its inception, NFF has been governed by its core values. They shape our culture and define the character of our company, and they guide how we behave and make decisions. Integrity : We act with honesty and integrity, never compromising the truth. We communicate openly and our actions are consistent with our words. Respect : We treat our team members, customers, partners, and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity.

A Stake in the Outcome: Building a Culture of Ownership for the Long-term Success of Your Business

We respect all individuals and value their contributions. Unity : We are one company, one team. We believe that succeeding as one enterprise is as important as succeeding independently. Balancing empowerment and interdependence makes us strong. We will work together, building relationships to create ever-greater value for the customers we serve. Open Communication : All team members are encouraged to openly share their opinions and views.

We are flexible, helping team members strike a healthy work and life balance. Accountability : We accept our individual and team responsibilities and we meet our commitments. We take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.

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Our Core Values define who we are and how we do business. These are the beliefs by which we guide our actions, set direction, and plan for our future every day. We must foster an ethical, direct, and honest relationship with all our stakeholders. A trusting relationship with each other is a necessity. We treat each other with respect, as we wish to be treated. We will honor our commitments to each other, our customers and vendor partners. Every team member is an important asset; therefore, we continually strive to provide opportunities for growth and development of individual potential.

Partnering with and supporting our related companies will always be our first choice. Partnerships with our customers and vendors are key to our mutual success. We encourage employee participation in the growth, execution and improvement of our business. We openly and continuously communicate our vision, mission and our progress.

We foster an environment that is conducive to innovation and change. We believe that growth and profits are the commitments that we have to our team and shareholders. We believe in responsible risk-taking. We accept mistakes as an important part of learning. Work should be enjoyable and rewarding. Continual learning is critical to our success.

We use our ingenuity and problem-solving skills to add value to the business We make every effort to find the best overall value and return in all our investments We will maximize technology to increase our productivity, delivering the best customer experience. Creating an enjoyable work environment is key to our success. We will provide support to community organizations important to our teammates.

We recognize the importance of balance between family, work and community. We encourage a sense of community within our organization, as well. This sense of purpose is deeply reflected in our core values. As a team and as individuals, we strive to always:. Adaptability — To quickly and effectively change and grow with the global and regional market.

To make this happen, we have created a common set of values and clear guiding principles, that allow us to follow our company compass and jointly strive for the same goal. At Nexus, we want to be trustworthy. We are humble, act with a long-term perspective and take responsibility. Our ambition is to understand our customers and colleagues needs in order to help out in the best way. Caring builds trust and confidence for us as individuals and our company. We always listen, trying to understand and being ready to help. We trust each other, show confidence and act with integrity.

We have a genuine interest in people and respect everyone around us, both within and outside the company. We show empathy in all situations and in every relationship with our colleagues and customers. We aim to share joy as well as challenges and setbacks. We operate in a changing world, where technology development is extremely fast and where our customers are constantly experiencing new challenges. With this follows high demands and expectations for constant innovation. This matches our high ambitions to understand and keep up with existing needs. But we want more, we will challenge the conventional and already known.

We will continue to deliver cutting edge technology and stay ahead of competition. We challenge existing ideas and ourselves in order to solve business needs in new innovative ways. We analyze and adopt new technology to innovate new products and solutions. We are open minded and dare to be creative.

We are steadily striving to improve. We push ourselves in order to search for creative solutions to any problem. To meet and exceed expectations are important prerequisites when success is created. Therefore, we are always prepared to go the extra mile when required.