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If the same are obtained in time they will be found in the Appendix. Sarah, dau. Shober, by his wife, Mary : Edmund Darch Lewis, unm. Ella Eugenia, dau. Fetherston, by his wife, Emlly : Mary Darch Lewis m. Edward Everett Hale D. With the exception of Dr. Hale, all of the above mentioned persons are, or were, of Philadelphia. Riversdale, Mr. Phillip's country-seat, was situated on the Delaware, some miles above Philadelphia ; his town-house was at the southeast corner of Spruce and Eleventh streets, in the said city. He bore: Azure, on a chevron engrailed or three falcons' heads erased of the field.

Crest: A demi-lion rampant, proper. In Colonial times the name was frequently written both Humphrey and Humphreys, and in Wales the spelling Humffrey was commonly, but not always, used. There were several branches of this family in the Welsh Tract. The family long settled on the site of the central part of what is now Bryn Mawr, formerly Humphreysville, and whose house, a line old Colonial dwelling, is still standing near the College Grounds, was descended from Benjamin Humphrey, son of Samuel Humphrey 11 , of Wales, whilst the Humphreys, of Haverford, come from Daniel Humphrey, the elder brother of Benjamin.

At the time of the first settlement a very large part of Merion was held by the representatives of this family. John Humphreys, who died childless, and after him his nephew, Benjamin, certainly held a large part of the present Bryn Mawr, whilst Benjamin, after the death of his kinsman, Thomas John Thomas, inherited a large tract of land to the east, lying to the northward of the present Montgomery avenue at Haverford station, several hundred acres in all.

Living alongside John Humphreys was his nephew, Joshua Owen 12 son of Owen Humphrey, of Llwyn-du, whilst between the present Ardmore and Wynnewood stations, to the northwest and southeast of Montgomery avenue, was the four hundred and fifty acre plantation of Robert Owen, son-in-law to Owen Humphrey, and north of and adjoining his land was the property of John Roberts, called '' Wayn Mill,'' now Mill creek, at the conjunction of Mill Creek road and the old Gulph road, being about five hundred acres in all.

So that the Humphrey family and its branches held some 1, acres of land in the upper part of Merion but not Upper Merion , comprising the present towns of Bryn Mawr, North Haverford, North Ardmore, Mill Creek, and the land north of Wynnwood. After they assumed the surname of Humphreys. The earlier lineage of this family is given in the ancient pedigree by Rowland Ellis, reproduced on another page The line is there given in the direct male descent from one Gronwy, who must have been born circa , to Humphrey ap Hugh of Llwyn-du , who was father to Owen Humphrey, John Humphrey and Samuel Humphrey, and also Anne, who married, in , Ellis Price, and had Rowland Ellis.

Referring to the visitations of Wales made by Lewis Dwnn 14 , who gives this male line of the Humphreys in the Tal y Lyn pedigree 15 , we find another generation, namely Einion, who Dwnn gives as the father of Gronwy, above mentioned, and who we may consider to have been born about the year This, however, cannot be absolutely relied upon in all cases, as there are many exceptions to this rule.

From the title papers to the old Quaker grave-yard at Llwyngwrill, we and that the estate called Llwyn-du was ''an indefeasible estate of inheritance,'' and had, therefore, in all probability descended from this Gronwy ap Einion or his son Howell to Humphrey ap Hugh, who held it so late as Unfortunately early Welsh titles are exceedingly difficult to trace, but from another pedigree by Dwnn 19 we learn that about the time mentioned one Gronwy ap Einion ap Howell held a large part of Llwyngwrill and neighborhood. He was descended from Ednowain ap Bradwen, and would seem at first sight to have been the same person as the Gronwy ap Einion, of Llwyngwrill, mentioned in the pedigree of Rowland Ellis and in the visitation by Dwnn.

In this article a clerical error makes Owen Humphrey the possessor of Llwyn-du in , instead of , which is the date the graveyard was donated. Let us, however, examine into the title of the Llwyn-du property so far as the imperfect records will permit. The erst person mentioned in the title is Ednowen ap Bradwen. Of him a good account is given in manuscript of the middle of the 17th century This paper, probably a copy of Vaughan of Hengwrt's work, says: "Ednowen ap Bradmen is by many writers called Lord of Merionydd, but I apprehend erroneously, as the Princes and their issue were always Lords of Merionydd.

Yet certain it is that he and his issue were pos- sessed of all Talybont. He is presumed to have been alive 21 , though sole question if he lived quite so early, without I think any ground for their assertion, for this date is in accordance with facts. The only question now is, How did it descend? If these letters ever reached their destination no notice was taken of them. It is hoped that some information may yet be received from this source. We that Ednowain's possessions 23 , particularly in Llwyngwrill and neighborhood, came to his descendant, Llewelyn ap Tudor, who died prior to the 7th year of Henry V.

In that year a part of Llwyngwrill was held by the grandsons of Llewelyn, to wit: Eig'n' alias Ednyfed ap Aaron, and Gruffydd ap Aaron It appears of record that this Eignion or Ednyfed [who are held by some to have been the same person, and by others to have been brothers, because the extent sets forth that there were other children of Aaron heirs to Llwyngwrill 25 ] had two sons, Gruffydd, who was Raglor of Talybont in 26 , and Howell, living circa , who seems to have held a part of Llwyngwrill.

He had issue Einion, born circa 27 , who had Gronwy ap Einion 28 born circa , who, as we have said, might be considered on very good grounds to have been identical with Gronwy ap Einion of the same township 29 , whose issue held Llwyn-du, which had unquestionably been the property of the former's ancestor, Aaron ap Ednyfed 30 , of the line of Ednowain, the owner of all of Talybont in the 12th century A wele, says Wotton, "seems to have been an estate, descending to child, or children, of the same common stock. Extent of Merioneth. Powys Fadog. Rowland Ellis; Dwnn, II. Vill Llwyn Gwrill.

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Rush Meyrick seems to have settled this question. Unfortunately for this line of argument, however, it has been definitely ascertained that the Llwyn-du property descended to Humphrey ap Hugh from Ednowain ap Bradwen through an heiress, and that Gronwy ap Einion, with whom our pedigree begins, was descended in the male line from Callwyn ap Tagno, Lord of Llyn, one of those descendants, married an heiress descended from Ednowen ap Bradwen, thus bringing the Llwyn-du property into the possession of the ancestors of Humphrey ap Hugh.

Which of the generations given, forded this alliance cannot now be determined, but that it was prior to the marriage of David ap Howell born circa with Mary, daughter of Hugh ap John, of Tal y Llwyn, seems clear. The above information was brought to light by the discovery of a seal used by John Humphreys or Humphrey , brother to Owen Humphrey, of Llwyn-du.

This seal, used before , bears the arms of Collwyn ap Tangno, of Llyn a chevron inter 3 qeur-de-lys , in the first and fourth quarter, and the arms of Ednowain ap Bradwen the three snakes nowed , in the second and fourth quarter. This seal is attached to a document signed by a number of settlers in the Welsh Tract but written, directed and sealed by John Humphreys. The ownership of these arms was further confirmed by the examination of other documents.

Leaving the earlier portion of this pedigree, however, entirely out of the question, we commence the Humphrey genealogy with : EINION was probably born circa Arms : "Arvan rhain yw'r bwch gen dans ei defians of molet'. Hugh ap Hugh, brother of Mary, was living According to some characters preserved by descendants in Wales, this family of Abergynolwyn appears to be traceable to about , or earlier. See Pugh of Cwmllow, Montg. This couple had issue : Humphrey ap Hugh, of whom presently. John ap Hugh, living 1 January, , at which time he was witness to marriage contract.

He had David John ap Hugh, of age at that time He is thought to have died s. He died there circa , having married circa , Elizabeth, daughter of John Powel alias John ap Howell , of Llanwddyn, Montgomeryshire. Humphrey ap Hugh had by Elizabeth, his wife : 1. Owen Humphrey. John Humphrey, m. Jane, sister of Richard Humphrey Samuel Humphrey, m. Elizabeth Rees. Ann Humphrey, m. Ellis Price, of Bryn Mawr, , and had other daughters. Rowland Ellis, of Bryn Mawr, born Llangelyrin, Merionethshire.

As this Richard Humphrey had brothers, John and Owen Humphrey, and was also cousin to the Humphreys of Llwyn-du, the genealogical tangle resulting is exceedingly confusing. The following facts may assist to elucidate it. Richard Humphrey, of the parish of Llangelynin, Merionethshire, was grantee in a deed dated 30 July, , for acres of land in the Province of Pennsylvania, which were subsequently surveyed to him in Radnor Township.

He came to the Province in ; his certificate of removal being dated 5th mo. His will is dated 12th month 2, , and proved at Philadelphia 18th of12th month, He bequeathed his plantation to "my brother in law John Humphreys. Bequests to cousin Alika Humphrey. John Humphrey, his brother-in-law, Executor. John Humphrey, the Executor, and to whom the plantation was devised, sold the land soon after.

It may be mentioned that John Humphrey in this narrative of this and others sufferings mentions that his wife, Jane, before she was married, resided in the same parish, or very near him, and near Llwyn du, in Llangelyn. This is a good example of the confusion arising from the Welsh system of surnames. He was, it is stated, an officer under Oliver Cromwell, and he served as a Justice ofthe Peace for Merionethshire under the Protectorate.

He was amongst the first in Wales to join the Quakers, and his name is of very frequent occurrence in Besse's "Sufferings of Friends. Wills, Phila. Llwyn-du had, as we have seen, been the ancestral estate for many generations. The title papers relating to the gift of the burial lot recites that: "Owen Humphrey, of Llwyn-du, in Llwyn Gwrill, in the said county [Merionethshire], Esquire, now long since deceased, was in his life time that is to say , in the year [should be ], seized in his demesne of a good and indefeasible estate of inheritance of and in that ancient capital Messuage, Tenement and Lands called Llwyn-du.

He is mentioned in the will of his brother, John Humphrey 39 who died in Pennsylvania , as then deceased. His eldest son Humphrey Owen Humphrey, inherited the estate. See copy, and facsimile Owen article. Robert H. Ozaki Pres. Robert N. Piper Exec. Deputy Dir. Pacific Housing Assistance Corp. Peter and Paul Church Finance Comm. Laura D. Smith Pres. Goodwill Industries Intl. Robins Jr. Joined CFS as Dir.

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    The book became a best—seller and the foundation of modern ecological awareness. Cooney, Jr. Walker — Pauli Murray — Biddy Mason — It took 72 years for women to win the right to vote. In what year did Congresswoman Bella Abzug introduce legislation to ensure that this important American anniversary would be celebrated? Women in most of the western states won the right to vote years before the Federal Amendment was secured. California will celebrate the th anniversary of women winning he vote in Oregon will celebrate the th anniversary in What other state will celebrate the th anniversary of women in this state winning the right to vote in ?

    Abigail Adams Amendment b. Sojourner Truth Amendment c. Susan B. Anthony Amendment d. Gloria Steinem Amendment. Share your email to receive NWHA news and updates:. Support the work of NWHA by making a tax deductible donation today! Facebook Twitter. Who was the first woman in modern history to lead a major Native-American tribe, the Cherokee Nation? Who was the first American woman poet whose poetry was published in London in ?

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