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Several men were questioned by police yesterday about the burglary. B2 to express doubts about the value or truth of something:. I questioned the wisdom of taking so many pills. All my attempts to question the authorities on the subject were met by evasion and prevarication. Police have released a picture of the man they want to question. A man is being questioned in relation to the attempted murder last night.

« La question écologique est instrumentalisée contre le capitalisme »

Under a quarter of people questioned said that they were happily married. When questioned on TV, the minister retracted his allegations. Grammar You see.


May I ask you a personal question? Our help line will answer your questions about patient care. Her loyalty is beyond question. The police questioned several men about the burglary. If you question something, you express doubt or uncertainty about it:. We return to the question of whether pay for performance really motivates employees. One very difficult question is how to charge market prices for energy.

There is some question as to what is the best strategy. The ethics of some of his business deals are open to question. See also scaled question. If somebody calls something into question, then let's stop and review it. The chief executive's popularity has sunk to levels that bring his legitimacy into question. For shareholders of the company in question the idea of a takeover must be appealing. The automaker's future remains in question.

A pay rise is out of the question. He does not know why authorities decided to question him. Increasingly, the return on huge software investments made to improve efficiency was being questioned. This is surprising, given that questions of revenue generation affect ordinary people in basic and sometimes very serious ways. De Cambridge English Corpus. Given the nature of our research questions, we needed to target organic shoppers. Las opiniones mostradas en los ejemplos no representan las opiniones de los editores de Cambridge University Press or de sus licenciantes.

On neither of these ways of construing the existence question does it present a substantial philosophical issue. Cassirer reaches this aim by 1 focusing on the question of philosophical inquiry as a basis phenomenon in the sense of a basic philosophical activity. First, one may question whether there are future events that are currently physically necessitated.

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If we say that these values correspond to certain concepts, it must be understood that the concepts in question are purely differential. There is also the question of marking pupils' or students' work. Returning to our original question , we must consider possible psychological mediators of hierarchy disruption.

What this protective attribute is relates to the second question , that of what mechanisms underlie the protective effect. Pathbreaking verbs in syntactic development and the question of prototypical transitivity.

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Because we did not tell the control group participants the form that the comprehension questions would take, this reviewer's point remains a possibility. The question here therefore remains an open one. Fitzpatrick pose la question. And Monsieur Fitzpatrick asked the question. So, in very simple terms, I shall ask this question. Secondly, we have the issue of companies' legal certainty. Le premier pose la question de notre action future et demande un programme pluriannuel.

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The first of these questioned what our future plans were, and asked for a multiannual programme. Du coup se pose la question du financement.

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As a result there is the question of funding. There is also, finally , the matter of relations with public administrations which are having to come to grips with new Community standards. Beyond these issues lies that of the European Union's constitutional prospects. In first place is the constitutional question. And moving beyond the Structural Funds, the question of future financing of the European Union is also being raised. These are the three reasons why I am calling for this text to be declared inadmissible and this is why I am questioning it now.

This begs the question whether this exercise has been all that helpful for them. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock. Register to see more examples Register Connect. CXXI ; P. LIV, col. Chronique syriaque, P. XXVI, col. XVJ, col. XCII, col. Ambroise, toc. Voir Bardenhewer, Gesch.

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IV, p. Patrum, t. VI, p. XIII, p.

Krusch, Studien zur christlich-mittelalterlichen Chronologie, ; Mommsen. Baroenhewer, op. Plan I. Origine et nature de la controverse [link] II. Notes 1. XXIV, col, XXIV, col. XVI, col, io3i. XL II, col. Ambroise, Episl.

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