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Some of the components included in the ad specifications sections include:. The last thing you want is to have advertisers create assets that do not fit your brand or website. Another good accompaniment to help streamline the media buying process is to include a publishing schedule or editorial calendar. Of course you want to be sure your avatars have the ability to contact you. A common location for contact information in media kits is usually at the end a PDF document or webpage.

The imagery speaks to the avatar who is seeking media buys in travel or island destinations. In this example, notice the contact information is distributed across different regions.

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This is an excellent method for directing users to contact the right people within the team. While researching this topic, we learned a few more practical pieces of information things that will prove useful when creating a media kit. Below are some of the questions we thought we might have if we were using a media kit guide for ourselves. Media kits are most commonly formatted as PDF files. The answer will largely depend on your revenue goals and your sales process.

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A misconception is that larger brands do not include pricing in their kits. Some smaller sites directed users to request their rate cards. Your media kit is your time to shine.

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If you have any questions, let us know. Send us a screenshot or share the link in the comments section below. He likes random emails from people and telling better stories. Sign In Register Toggle navigation Menu. Triberr Features Help. What is a Media Kit?

What type of graphics or imagery would I find appealing? What descriptive phrases correspond with my target audience?

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What type of advertising opportunities would I find most valuable? Or would I have clicked around, given up, and moved on to find another author instead? A media kit is like an information packet that informs everyone—not just members of the media—about you and your author brand. Think of it as a supercharged business card that tells them who you are as an author, what you do as an author, and what separates you from others in your field.

Your information kit answers many of the questions someone would ask about you or your books. Media kits streamline the process of research. And as you read in the example above, a good media kit also means they can cover you without contacting you. What a happy surprise that must have been for that author! This is the first of a series of 10 articles about how to build your author media kit.

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The subsequent articles will take deep dives into the individual pieces. My promise is to make this as practical as possible: Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, we're going to talk about how these materials will help you present the right information so that you can expand your reach through attention from the media. Your author bio s are the most important parts of your PR kit. You need to get them right, because you'll refer to them again and again in all sorts of circumstances.

In this article, I explain A set of pre-written questions can help your interviewer stay on topic. Some would appreciate if you go the extra step and pre-answer some of those questions, too. A sample feature article is way to help the media see your story faster. In fact, some editors may even print it as-is.

Quotes from others about your work carry more credibility than what you say about yourself. There are other types of testing that some, but not all, kit companies can do. Autosomal testing can't differentiate between the two. Essentially, different types of testing can yield different results. Once you purchase your at-home DNA test kit, you'll register the kit online -- arguably the most important step of the process, because the only way you can view your results is by registering your kit before you ship it back.

After you've registered it, you'll put a DNA sample saliva or a cheek swab into a box and send it to the designated lab for testing. Some of the kits feature free shipping like Ancestry while others like 23andMe tack on an additional charge for shipping. In a matter of weeks, your online portal will be updated with results that can show you migratory maps, pie charts of your ethnic breakdown, and potentially health information. As mentioned above, not all at-home DNA testing kits offer the same tests. We've broken down some of the more popular ones below and who they're the best fit for.

This kit assesses your genetic makeup to pinpoint your connection to regions of the world. After six to eight weeks for the lab to process the sample, users will be able to log in to their online portals to check out interactive maps and charts of their heritage. Other kits can do this, so just note that AncestryDNA is more focused on genealogical history than 23andMe and offers a higher likelihood of finding relatives than other kits.

You can tap into Ancestry's massive collection of online records, databases and more to map out a more comprehensive family tree. Who is this perfect for? Those who are looking to really fill out their family tree on top of learning where their ancestors came from. It also features three tests that you don't get from Ancestry — genetic health, carrier status, and wellness testing — plus more comprehensive traits testing. When you receive your reports, you'll get information on how your genes can affect your overall health and well-being, as well as how they have affected your traits such as taste, smell and facial features.