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But rather than eating her cakes solo over the sink, she brought them to bars, luring guys with a heady dose of butter and sugar.

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With 35 inventive recipes based on her interactions with guys from all walks of life, from a Sticky Maple Kiss Cake to a Bitter Chocolate Dump Cake, this charming book pairs each cake with a short essa.. Try making these easy, decadent unbaked cakes and tarts recipes. This recipe book contains delicious, easy to follow recipes.

This blank recipe cookbook would also make a great gift to give to your children and grandchildren to be passed on to future generations. Dare to Bake! Learn to bake new and creative cupcakes using everything from the standard vanilla and chocolate to fruits and vegetables. These proven cupcake recipes can be easily recreated at home and also provide a fresh twist to some classics. There are the Tamarind and Guava cupcakes or the Hibiscus flower and Passion Fruit cupcakes that include exotic but easy-to-find fruits.

There's also a selection of all-time favorites: peanut butter apple, fruity cereal, and pumpkin spice latte. The versatility of vegetables can be found in sweet and savory cupcake flavors such as spinach, corn, and pepper. With step-by-step baking instructions for the cupcake, filling, and icing, yo..

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Pinterest Recipes. Are you an avid Pinterest user?

This blank cookbook would be useful to anyone who enjoys cooking and would like to organize their Pinterest recipes. Buy this book and create your own Pinterest cookbook to keep all your favorite Pinterest recipes together. This blank cookbook would also make a great gift for treasured family recipes to hand down to your children and grandchildren to be passed on to future generations. Each recipe can be prepared in just 5 to 10 minutes and then baked for an hour. The entire process is simple and uncomplicated, even your kids can do it Finally, no more slaving in the kitchen just to prepare a delicious dessert Feeling adventurous?

Don't hesitate to experiment with other flavors using your favorite fruits and other ingredients. Use the various recipes in this book as your guide in creating your own signature dump cake flavour. Keep on baking tags: dump cake, dump cake cakes, dump cake recipes, dump cake cookboo..

Primrose Bakery Celebrations. Make every day a celebration with cakes, cupcakes and treats from London's favourite cake shop, Primrose Bakery. Eight themed celebrations cover every age group and event, with sweet and savoury treats for small children, cocktail-laced cupcakes for grown-ups and inspiring ideas for everything in between. BR As always, the recipes are simple to make, easy to source, thoroughly tested and utterly delicious, with plenty of Primrose Bakery wit and creativity thrown in. Each one features quirky recipes for centrepiece cakes, cupcakes, drinks and othe..

The book is built around the concept that cupcakes are the 'little black dress' of the food world, and may be dressed up or down for any occasion. The book is the next frontier for existing 'little black books' of fashion and manners. The book would fashionable bring together - gourmet cupcake recipes that aren't impossible to make - minimalist decorating techniques that look amazing and stylish ways to present at the reader's next function or gathering, perhaps even inspiring them to find a reason to celebrate.. Want to know the secrets behind making a perfectly moist, springy cupcake? Or are you just in the mood for a deliciously sweet treat?


These eight scrumptious recipes will fulfill your every craving. Never before did something so small look so good. This booklet contains eight delicious cupcake recipes, baking basics, and tips, making it perfect for beginners and experienced home bakers alike. Sweet Potato Cupcakes. Mocha Chip Cupcakes. Bite-Size Ginger Cupcakes. Caramel Cupcakes with Butterscotch Frostin.. Sugar Christmas Decorations.

Georgie Godbold's quirky, wobbly, sugarcrafted figures are packed with character Included in this delightful book on Christmas decorations are instructions on how to make reindeer, Father Christmas, Mrs Claus, an assortment of elves and fairies and much more there is something for everyone.

This fun, adorable book contains step-by-step instructions and helpful photographs to help you begin your sugarcraft journey and create lovely sugary things to decorate your home and cakes this Christmas.. This is the definitive guide to making baked creations look beautiful, for baking beginners and enthusiasts alike.

A beautiful, full-color collection of 60 stylish, masterfully designed, and delicious confections that have won the Fashion Chef, Charlotte Neuville, widespread acclaim from fashionistas and foodies alike. Skillfully blending the pastry arts, fashion, and beauty, The Fashion Chef's exquisite creations have garnered massive media attention and have catered to such formidable clients as Anna Wintour, President Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey. Now, fans can savor Neuville's visually breathtaking creations in this lush compendium. Each graphically themed chapter showc..

Decadent dairy-free, vegan baking that tastes just like the real thing Ms. Cupcake believes that, regardless of whatwe can or can't eat, we all deserve a delicious treat every now and then. Here are some ofher most indulgent recipes, allusing readily available ingredients, and what's more, most of them can be made gluten-free with simple substitutions. Whether they arevegetarian, vegan, or suffering from allergies or intolerances, everyone can treat themselves to cupcakes piled high with dairy-free "buttercream," fruity muffins, super-easy tray-bakes and no-bakes, gooey cookies, and naughtiest of them all delicious dipped and fried desserts, usingpantry basics fo..

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