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One of the keystones of forensic science is DNA testing. DNA deoxyribonucleic acid is the genetic material present in every cell. There are even a few differences between the DNA of identical twins. DNA for profiling can be extracted from samples of human cells found at a Crime Scene , including blood, semen, skin, saliva, mucus, perspiration and the roots of hair, and Profiling can even be carried out on old and dried out samples.

The case of Colin Pitchfork was the first murder conviction based on DNA profiling evidence there was a previous rape conviction based on this type of evidence. The Exoneration After going missing, Lynda Mann, a year-old schoolgirl, was raped and murdered in the grounds of Carlton Hayes psychiatric hospital in Narborough, Leicestershire, in November However, the police did not find a suspect.

In , another year-old schoolgirl, Dawn Ashworth, was similarly sexually assaulted and strangled in the nearby village of Enderby, and semen samples showed the same blood type. This proved that both girls were murdered by the same man, and also proved that this man was not Richard Buckland — the first person to be exonerated using DNA. The Conviction In , in the first ever mass DNA screen, the police and forensic scientists screened blood and saliva samples from 4, men aged between 17 and 34 who lived in the villages of Enderby, Narborough and nearby Littlethorpe and did not have an alibi for murders.

The police and scientists expanded the screen to men with an alibi, but still did not find a match. In August , a woman overheard a colleague, Ian Kelly, boasting that he had given a sample posing as a friend of his, Colin Pitchfork.

The Murder of Lorraine Benson

Pitchfork had persuaded Kelly to take the test as he claimed he had already given a sample for a friend who had a flashing conviction. The police arrested Colin Pitchfork in September , and scientists found that his DNA profile matched that of the murderer. Colin Pitchfork had previous convictions for flashing, and claimed that the murders had begun as flashings, but the girls had run away, which had excited him.

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