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Having been informed that it is the wish of the family and relatives of the late lamented President of the United States that his remains should be removed to the State of Kentucky, and being desirous of manifesting the most sincere and profound respect for the character of the deceased, in which I doubt not Congress will full Samuel Kernell et al. Presidential Studies Quarterly, June We deeply appreciate our growing number of generous supporters!

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State of the Union Resources and Background. We are hosted at the University of California, Santa Barbara. September 23, Special Message.

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Turkey's Erdogan meets US Jewish leaders The two-hour meeting The Conference of Presidents was designated to receive a 70th-anniversary award recognizing the contribution of American Jewish organizations to Israel, the US Israel relationship, and strengthening of ties between the peoples of the two countries. Among the 70 honored were those who assisted Israel from its earliest years until the present day. The conversation encompassed the current situation and potential strategies for future collaboration.

All the organizations in attendance expressed the deep gratitude of the entire community for the extraordinary effort that the FBI is applying to the ongoing investigation. January 31, New York, NY, January 20, Stephen M. December 30, , New York, NY. Leaders of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations today called on President Hollande of France to cancel or, at least, postpone the international meeting on Middle East Peace scheduled for January 15, in Paris, calling it ill-conceived, poorly timed and damaging to prospects for peace.

December 23, , New York, NY

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