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I encourage you to contact me by email if you have questions or need further information regarding the course assignments or readings. Moseley, Michael E. Thames and Hudson, London. Revised Edition paperback. Burger, Richard. Thames and Hudson, New York paperback. Originals of all of these readings can be found in the books and journals of the Museum Library. Department of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania.

National Geographic Society Map s [obtain at least one 1 of the following from family or relative's collection of NG; other detailed atlas maps may be used if these are not available]. This course provides a basic survey of the prehistory of civilizations in the Central Andean Region of South America the highland and coastal areas that today are part of Peru and Bolivia.

Topics include the history of South American archaeology, peopling of the continent, origins and evolution of agriculture, early village life, ceremonial and domestic architecture, prehistoric art and symbolism, Andean cosmology and astronomy, indigenous technology, the historical ecology of landscapes, outside contacts and relationships, economics and trade, social and political structure, state formation and urbanism, and early contacts with Europeans. The focus will be on the recent archaeological investigations and interpretations combined with appropriate analogy from ethnohistory and ethnography.

The prehistory of the Amazonian lowlands and "the intermediate area" of northern South America will not be presented in this course These topics are covered in Anthropology Archaeology of the Neotropics. Classes will consist of lectures, with occasional discussion sections. I will also make use of artifacts from the extensive South American collections of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Grading is based on 2 exams and class participation in discussions of readings. All readings will be in English and knowledge of Spanish is not necessary although reading ability in Spanish may be useful for outside readings.

There are many reading assignments for this course. The required textbooks are Moseley, Burger, and a "bulk pack reader. Weekly reading assignments will come from the texts and the bulk pack reader. At times during the semester, new materials may be added to the readings downloadable from the course web site or placed on Library Reserve. A reading syllabus will be provided and may be periodically updated throughout the semester. Grades will be based on 2 exams a 2 hour midterm and a 2 hour final of equal weight and participation in discussion of the readings.

The exams will be primarily long and short essay questions, with some brief identifications and definitions and map identifications. The final exam will not be cumulative, that is, it will only cover material presented after the midterm exam, although you will have to be familiar with the concepts and terminology presented earlier in the semester.

Class attendance is highly recommended since the course only meets once weekly. Makeup exams will only be given in extreme cases. I will be available during office hours, Fridays - pm, if you have any questions regarding the course material, or archaeology in general. I also would appreciate your comments, and will be happy to make appointments for other times if my office hours conflict with your schedule. I regularly read and answer E-mail. Fall Clark L. Moseley Text: Chapt pp. Burger Text: Chapt. Bennett in Reader. Isbell "Construction" in Reader. Pozorski and Pozorski "Chronology" in Reader.

Murra "Limits and Limitations" in Reader. Moseley Text: Chapter 4: pp. Dillehay "Battle" in Reader. Marshall in Reader. Sandweiss in Reader. Moseley Text: pp. Dillehay et al. Quilter et al. Hastorf and Johannessen in Reader. Lathrap et al. Shady et al. Burger Text: Chapt Lathrap "Gifts" in Reader.

Aveni and Silverman "Between the Lines" in Reader. Aveni "Archaeoastronomy" in Reader pp. Alva and Donnan handout reading. Moseley and Richardson in Reader. Burger Text: pp. Moseley Text pp. Kolata "Technology" in Reader. Moseley Text: Isbell "City and State" in Reader. Kolata and Ponce "Tiwanaku" in Reader. Kolata "Technology and Organization" in Reader skim. Erickson "Social Organization" in Reader skim.

Conrad "Cultural Materialism" and "Reply" in Reader. Isbell "Comment" in Reader. Paulsen "Comment" in Reader. Browman "Tectonic" in Reader. Murra "Limits" in Reader skim. Wachtel in Reader. Aveni "Astroarchaeology" in Reader. McEwen and Van de Guchte in Reader. Patterson in Reader. December The Inca Empire continued. Please Note :. Student attendance will be optional but expected at these events. Anthropology Table of Contents of Reader. Bennett, Wendell C. Pozorski, Shelia and Thomas Pozorski.

Haas, S. Pozorski and T. Murra, John V. Masuda, I. Shimada, and C. Isbell, William. Journal of the Steward Anthropological Society. The Sciences. January-February, pp. Archaeology 52 1 Marshall, Eliot. Science Sandweiss, Daniel et al. Discovering Archaeology. American Scientist. Hastorf, Christine and Sissel Johannessen. Furst, Peter. Introduction Lathrap, Donald W. Marcos, and James A. Pringle, Heather. Scientific American 6 Lathrap and J. Aveni, Anthony F. Alva, Walter and Christopher Donnan [accidentally left out of the reader].

Fowler Museum of Cultural History, Berkeley, pp. Moseley, Michael and James Richardson. Archaeology Kolata, Alan L. Erickson, Clark L. Isbell, William H. In Peruvian Prehistory edited by Richard W.

Conrad, Geoffry W. Paulsen, Allison. Browman, David L. Art Institute, Chicago, pp. Patterson, Thomas C. Bruhns, Karen. IN Ancient South America. Cambridge University Press, pp. Return to top of page. Aldenderfer, Mark S. University of Iowa Press, Iowa City. Plural, La Paz. Alva, Walter and Christopher Donnan. University of Texas Press, Austin. Aveni, Anthony editor. American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia.

Bauer, Brian S. Bawden, Garth. Blackwell Publishers, Cambridge.

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Spence, M. A comparative study of ethnic enclaves. Mastache, J. Parsons, R.

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Enclaves of genetic diversity resisted Inca impacts on population history

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