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These third-party products are a free and out-of-the-box Web server and servlet engine solution.

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To ensure the quality of these solutions, PTC tests each Windchill release with the supported versions of these products. As a further level of support for Apache, PTC strives to release updated, recompiled Apache binaries to address significant security patches reported by the Apache user community. As PTC is not the licensor of these products, the responsibility of PTC Technical Support is limited to the interaction between Windchill and the versions of these products shipped with Windchill.

If you want to customize and recompile Apache or available modules yourself and need assistance, you would get support from the Apache user community, not PTC Technical Support. Therefore, you must contact PTC for support issues when using these products with Windchill. The Oracle database is one of the main components of a Windchill Solution and is critical for maintaining the integrity of data.

Contact PTC for support issues related to the Oracle database. The SQL Server database is one of the main components of a Windchill Solution and is critical for maintaining the integrity of data. These models can be accessed from the file system directly or from other PDM systems available on the market.

Issues Supported. Issues Not Supported. Using the Aphelion database with other applications. Aphelion backup and restore process. Configuring Aphelion replication. Creating and managing users and groups using the Windchill interface. Installing Cognos and enabling access to Windchill. Querying data sources other than Windchill using Cognos. Executing created reports. Customizing ReportNet software. Creating the database schema for a Windchill Solution. Creating a database. The awarded amount is one of the 10 or 20 largest jury verdicts in U. SAP said they were disappointed by the verdict and might appeal.

After the accord has been approved, Oracle can ask a federal appeals court to reinstate the earlier jury verdict. Oracle Corporation produces and distributes the "Oracle ClearView" series of videos as part of its marketing mix. In , Oracle attracted attention from the computer industry and the press after hiring private investigators to dig through the trash of organizations involved in an antitrust trial involving Microsoft.

When asked how he would feel if others were looking into Oracle's business activities, Ellison said: "We will ship our garbage to Redmond, and they can go through it. We believe in full disclosure. In , Oracle Corporation marketed many of its products using the slogan "Can't break it, can't break in", or "Unbreakable".

Oracle Corporation also stressed the reliability of networked databases and network access to databases as major selling points. However, two weeks after its introduction, David Litchfield , Alexander Kornbrust, Cesar Cerrudo and others demonstrated a whole suite of successful attacks against Oracle products. In , then- United States Attorney General John Ashcroft sued Oracle Corporation to prevent it from acquiring a multibillion-dollar intelligence contract. After Ashcroft's resignation from government, he founded a lobbying firm, The Ashcroft Group , which Oracle hired in With the group's help, Oracle went on to acquire the contract.

Computer Sciences Corporation reportedly spent a billion dollars developing a computer system for the United States Air Force that yielded no significant capability, because, according to an Air Force source, the Oracle software on which the system was based could not be adapted to meet the specialized performance criteria. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. When the site tried to go live on October 1, , it failed, and registrations had to be taken using paper applications until the site could be fixed. On April 25, , the State of Oregon voted to discontinue Cover Oregon and instead use the federal exchange to enroll Oregon residents.

Oracle president Safra Catz responded to Cover Oregon and the OHA in a letter claiming that the site's problems were due to OHA mismanagement, specifically that a third-party systems integrator was not hired to manage the complex project. In August , Oracle Corporation sued Cover Oregon for breach of contract, [97] and then later that month the state of Oregon sued Oracle Corporation, in a civil complaint for breach of contract, fraud, filing false claims and " racketeering ".

The acquisition was delayed for several months by the European Commission because of concerns about MySQL , but was unconditionally approved in the end. State Department Embassy cables were leaked [] to WikiLeaks. One cable revealed that the U.

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The lawsuit argues that the government received deals inferior to those Oracle gave to its commercial clients. The DoJ added its heft to an already existing whistleblower lawsuit filed by Paul Frascella, who was once senior director of contract services at Oracle. Oracle, the plaintiff, bought the Java computer programing language when it acquired Sun Microsystems in January The pre-developed code is organized into separate " packages " which each contain a set of " classes ".

Each class contains numerous methods , which instruct a program or app to do a certain task. Oracle and Google the defendant tried to negotiate an agreement for Oracle to license Java to Google, which would have allowed Google to use Java in developing programs for mobile devices using the Android operating system.

However, the two companies never reached an agreement. After negotiations failed, Google created its own programming platform, which was based on Java, and contained a mix of 37 copied Java packages and new packages developed by Google. In , Oracle sued Google for copyright infringement for the use of the 37 Java packages. Alsup who taught himself how to code computers [].

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By the end of the first jury trial the legal dispute would eventually go on to another trial the arguments made by Oracle's attorneys focused on a Java function called "rangeCheck". Of all the lines of code that Oracle had tested—15 million in total—these were the only ones that were 'literally' copied.

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Every keystroke, a perfect duplicate. Although Google admitted to copying the packages, Judge Alsup found that none of the Java packages were covered under copyright protection, and therefore Google did not infringe. API stands for "application programming interface" and are how different computer programs or apps communicate with each other. However, the appeals court also left open the possibility that Google might have a " fair use " defense.

On October 6, , Google filed a petition to appeal to the U. Supreme Court , but the Supreme Court denied the petition. The case was then returned to the U. District Court for another trial about Google's fair use defense.

Tuning Third-Party Vendor Oracle Systems

In February , Oracle filed another appeal to the U. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. On August 13, , an internal Oracle memo leaked to the Internet cited plans for ending the OpenSolaris operating system project and community.

In an official statement made by Larry Ellison, Phillips had previously expressed his desire to transition out of the company. Ellison had asked Phillips to stay on through the integration of Sun Microsystems Inc. There is no executive in the IT world with more relevant experience than Mark. On September 20, Oracle and HP published a joint press release announcing the resolution of the lawsuit on confidential terms and reaffirming commitment to long-term strategic partnership between the companies.

A number of OpenOffice. Oracle expressed no interest in sponsoring the new project and asked the OpenOffice.

On November 1, , 33 of the OpenOffice. On August 1, , a California judge said in a tentative ruling that Oracle must continue porting its software at no cost until HP discontinues its sales of Itanium-based servers. Oracle has announced it will appeal both the decision and damages. Oracle has previously used this portal for around four hundred million dollars a year in revenue. Oracle Corporation originally leased two buildings on the site, moving its finance and administration departments from the corporation's former headquarters on Davis Drive, Belmont, California.

Eventually, Oracle purchased the complex and constructed a further four main buildings. The distinctive Oracle Parkway buildings, nicknamed the Emerald City, [] served as sets for the futuristic headquarters of the fictional company "NorthAm Robotics" in the Robin Williams film Bicentennial Man Oracle Corporation operates in multiple markets and has acquired several companies which formerly functioned autonomously. In some cases these provided the starting points for global business units GBUs targeting particular vertical markets. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Enterprise software Cloud computing Computer hardware. Redwood Shores, California. Business software applications consulting. Operating income. Net income. Main article: Oracle Database. Main article: Oracle Fusion Middleware. Main article: Oracle Beehive. Main article: Oracle Fusion Applications. Main article: Oracle E-Business Suite. Main article: PeopleSoft. Main article: Siebel Systems. Main article: JD Edwards.

Best Practices (Performance Tuning) for Oracle database with Controller.

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Retrieved November 3, Archived from the original on March 2, Retrieved May 15, Supply chain management for retailing. Check here to start a new keyword search. Search support or find a product: Search. Search results are not available at this time. Please try again later or use one of the other support options on this page. Watson Product Search Search. None of the above, continue with my search.

Customer would like to know what IBM recommends as best practices for their Oracle database, in order to give maximum performance benefits to Controller. Customer would like to maximise the performance speed of Controller. Such logs can slow down the performance significantly. This level of RAID combines mirrored disks as in RAID-0 with striping of data across multiple drives, which can eliminate any delay while waiting for disk head positioning.

Most modern controllers can handle a limited number of concurrent operations, but using as many controllers as possible will eliminate any controller waits and will speed performance. Place busy files and tablespaces e. Physical Memory: Physical memory should be fully utilized, but swapping in environments that swap memory should not occur.

Swapping memory to disk is a very slow process, so if your system needs more memory, buy more memory! When a sort cannot be completed in memory, Oracle uses temporary segments in the database, which is considerably slower.